Video of meeting to cover

Typically, you would be sent to an actual meeting in person to practice providing coverage. But for your first attempt at a meeting story, we’ll instead let you work from this video.

It wouldn’t take much effort to find that professional media outlets also covered this meeting, but to aid in your learning with this practice exercise, please try to create your own story without seeing what they did.

Your story, posted in this category, is due at 10 a.m. Tuesday, Feb. 13.


Eric Meyer

Author: Eric Meyer

Associate professor of journalism and instructor for this course. A one-time Pulitzer Prize nominee, Meyer is a more-than-40-year veteran journalist who has planned Page One coverage at a metropolitan daily, started and eventually sold an award-winning online news and e-commerce website, currently owns and publishes three award-winning community newspapers and has served as a consultant on new media and as a visiting professor of social media.